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Beaten pinđur

The best peppers and tomatoes in this part of the world ripen under the sun of Macedonia, and this tortured and hard-working people turned these fruits into a symphony of flavors that we call pinđur. This dish is prepared by every house in Macedonia, as a Macedonian daughter-in-law, I had to learn how to make a traditional Macedonian pinđur (Pinjup). This dish is a special delicacy, not only that, this dish is an icon… In the end, pinđur is everything that every pepper and every tomato once wants to become!

Preparation steps

  • Peppers and tomatoes are baked in the oven.
  • When cool, peel the skin and remove any seeds.
  • In a wooden bowl, with a wooden mallet (if you don't have a special wooden mallet, the wooden side of the meat mallet will also come in handy), salt and garlic are beaten, and beaten until it turns into cream.
  • Then add the peppers one by one, and beat with a wooden mallet until all the peppers are beaten.
  • Then the tomatoes are added and beaten until they are beaten as well. Add oil and stir. (I heat the oil and pour hot over the pinjur)
  • The finished pinđur is salted to taste and chopped parsley is added if desired.
  • The pinđur is then placed in sterilized jars and tightly closed.


This wonderful dish is served as an appetizer with salted feta cheese, preferably mutton. It can be used as a gift for dear people. For the hot variant, I add whole small hot peppers to the pindur, sometimes I also add roasted hot peppers.


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