Rosa Cooking

Beaten peas

I just heard a long story about beaten beans, which I am telling you ... We also call beaten beans beans with milk - so I asked my mother what about milk if there is no milk inside at all ???? 50-60 years ago, beans were cooked with milk because there was no cream, it was cooked in a pot of 8-10 liters and the children were very happy that day when it was cooked .... It was necessary to know how to cook it because it was happy to "boil" ... later replaced the milk with cream, but the name remained ....

Preparation steps

  • The beans are soaked the day before and put to boil. When it is cooked, it is drained, the water is saved in which the beans are cooked. The water is put to boil. The cream is mixed with the flour so that there are no lumps.
  • When the water boils, mix the cream with the flour and cook until it boils. Add salt and red ground pepper. Pre-cooked beans are then added to the finished soup.


It is eaten cold with a slice of bread. Some put in the beans, some vinegar, but most of the beans go well with chopped onions.



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