Rosa Cooking

Bear onion pesto

I took advantage of the bear onion season ... A little in the freezer, a little in the pesto and that's it :)

Preparation steps

  • Wash the bear's onion leaves and coarsely chop the sunflower and lightly fry the walnuts in a pan to smell.
  • Put half of the olive oil (I added the oil from the eye), walnuts and sunflower in the chopper, and chop briefly. Then add the onion and more olive oil (I previously extracted the walnuts and sunflower because the onion took up too much space in my bowl) and continue to blend.
  • Combine all ingredients, add parmesan, spices and blend briefly. Add olive oil as needed, as much as you want it to be creamy.
  • Pour the pesto into previously sterilized jars, pour a little more olive oil on top, close and store in the refrigerator. Spend in two weeks.


pesto sos

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