Rosa Cooking

Beans with smoked meat

The national dish in Macedonia is beans, but not only tavce gravce, but there are several ways to prepare beans.

Preparation steps

  • Put the beans to cook classically. At the beginning, add chopped onion and a tablespoon of oil.
  • In the middle of cooking, add chopped carrot, red pepper, lorber, beef broth in a cube.
  • Fifteen minutes later, add finely chopped sudzuk, il meat (smoked), pepper, and a little minced onion.
  • At the end of cooking (10-15 before the end), classically fry with flour and allspice.
  • After that, leave for another ten minutes. to boil.
  • It should not be too much with water, and the secret of this bean is in the spices and in the smoked meat *


Any smoked meat can be used. In this case I had a vacuum smoked sudzuk, which was opened a long time ago, so let me use it. Taste and taste give smoked anything. Beans should not be mixed, just shake



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