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Beans military

Here is a classic bean so-called. military…. although it is difficult to write a recipe for such a dish, there is always this or that, but you have to start somewhere….

Preparation steps

  • overnight soaked beans boil briefly, strain, top up preferably with warm water about 2-3 liters…
  • dry homemade meat is also good before soaking, boiling, rinsing, add also beans (if bacon, add the skin immediately, and the meat finely chopped later…)
  • add the vegetables and cook until the water turns white, then the beans are cooked (try it)
  • you can lightly salt the beans before, but be careful because of the dry meat…
  • you can also chop other root vegetables such as celery and parsley into beans to taste.
  • for a spray on fat or oil, briefly fry the flour, red pepper, garlic (someone does not put it), cover with COLD water, because it is easier to stir and pour into the pot (when the water is warm or the bean soup thickens too quickly and is harder to pour into pot)
  • add the bay leaf and cook on low heat for ten minutes and season to the end…
  • TIPS
  • the more meat ingredients (beef also goes well) and vegetables the better the beans….
  • the larger the amount the better the beans
  • 100 g of beans and 100 g of dried meat per person is the norm for very hungry and BIG people
  • add some more of your own flair or note to the beans as this is a dish for creations… and this is a basic recipe with a few tips
  • take care whether the homemade dried meat is or from the store due to the length of cooking and cooking…
  • many are afraid of the powder, and the beans without it do not have that THE taste, but be sure to add the red ground pepper to the pot, and add the flour mixed in water to the beans for density if you are not making the powder
  • or if you really like “brothy” soup beans, don’t make a mess, but be sure to add paprika and bay leaf…
  • and my friends from Dalmatia in that case make a "pest"
  • They tried Korcula Brock


Good bread, sour pepper, red onion… .....


bacon beans browned flour carrot goulash lunch manestra meat salty spec stew

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