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# baquette


can be used in many variants

“Baguette” bread

The secret of this bread is how the bread is baked..French bread with an exceptionally crispy crust….

Baguette with black olives

When I started writing a new recipe, with so many pearly joys I made, this one was one thousand seven hundred and (my) first bread. With a side dish of your choice, my favorite is with homemade prosciutto and a little cheese, it can't get any better!

French cheese salad

French cheese salad

No cheese table rises like the French do, from appetizers to desserts. And in the salad, which with its generosity and taste and the way of serving it becomes a top independent dish, the cheese rises to a real celebration for the palate.

Milk Baguettes

Another pastry in a row, fragrant, tasty and irresistible ...

Mini baguettes

I don't go to the bakery anymore… ..and neither will you when you try it. Beautiful crispy crust bread, and super soft inside… .replaces every Frenchman… ..

My first Baugets

The first, the simplest I made the first time, my first pastry, the first bread, is how it started….

One French, please!

... here is my contribution to the many recipes for this fine bread - French or baguette…

Rana Pastries-Baugeti

Ready this morning for the kids for school, they like it the most while they are still hot, with their favorite filling of their choice…

Stuffed French

Stuffed French

If you've looked at "The Return of the Pink Panther" at least once, you must have remembered the image of the coiled Inspector Clouseau with the "Frenchman" under his arm. Stuff the oblong, thin bread with the mixture as for a chopped steak and put it in the foreground.

Tunisian carrot puree

And while the thing about carrot puree seems quite simple, the difference is made by little secrets, such as the addition of vinegar, capers and cumin. We wish you a good taste with carrot puree in the Tunisian way!