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Banja Luka burger / steak

Proven recipe with signature! Choose fresh meat, stick to the given ingredients and top burgers are guaranteed. These burgers taste like good kebabs! You can follow the preparation with a video by clicking on the attached link below the recipe.

Preparation steps

  • - grind meat and fat / fat - mix everything until you get a well-composed mass - cover with foil and leave for the next 24 hours to stand in the refrigerator at a temperature of less than +3 degrees - the next day clean the vegetables - all vegetables; finely chop the onion and hot peppers - add baking soda and chopped vegetables - it is very important to mix everything well! - leave the meat to stand for at least the next 2 hours, ideally leave it to stand for another 24 hours - when preparing burgers for the form, choose, for example, the lid of a flat dish, between 1 and 1.5 cm thick - flatten by pressing the palm or kitchen board - for equal burgers, weigh each separately or compare with a certain measure- I use vegetable oil for frying- burgers turn over several times- these burgers taste good čevapa- it is necessary to turn over several times and bake at "not too" strong temperature- good I just wish you- serve as desired; with bun, french fries with kajmak, mustard, mayonnaise and others
  • Watch the entire preparation with Video by clicking on



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