Rosa Cooking

Banana triangles

These triangles will surely cheer up your little ones, and even adults can't resist them…

Preparation steps

  • Heat the milk and sugar over low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved, then add the sliced ​​butter to the flakes.
  • When the mixture is cooked, remove from the heat and add the crushed chocolate and ground biscuits and walnuts to the hot ones. Stir until you get a uniform mass.
  • Cut the wafer towards the triangle mold, pour in a little chocolate mixture, spread the banana cream and pour the chocolate mixture over again. Place the wafer on top, press with a cutting board or something similar to make the wafer stick nicely to the mixture and place to cool.
  • The mixture is enough for 2 molds.


If you don’t have triangle-shaped molds, you can stack a classic rolled salami.


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