Rosa Cooking

Banana bomb

I bought bananas and bome and my darling, so there was a pile of bananas in the house and then this bomb fell

Preparation steps

  • From the listed ingredients, bake the biscuit by placing the banana at the very end. Mold diameter 28, bake at 180-200 degrees for 20-30 minutes (depending on your oven). Allow the biscuit to cool.
  • While the biscuit is baking, put the cooked pudding, cool the cooked one and then mix in the whipped sweet cream, margarine and banana extract.
  • And while the cream has cooled, put honey and orange juice in a pan, add sliced ​​bananas to the slices and sauté them until they caramelize over low heat.
  • When everything is ready, pour half of the cream on the biscuit, place the bananas on it, then the cream again and whipped cream on top. Leave to cool well. Decorate the sides with whipped cream if you wish.
  • p.s if you have any chocolate Santa left from the holidays, feel free to crumble it into pieces and toss over the top of the cake, it fit great in the cake


cream tartlet

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