Rosa Cooking


Nice and creamy cookie

Preparation steps

  • Biscuit: separate the egg yolk from the egg whites. Beat the egg whites into solid snow. Beat the egg yolks with sugar and vanilla, add slowly warm water and flour mixed with baking powder, finally lightly mix the egg whites and bake the biscuit in an oblong tin.
  • Cream: from the milk and pudding, cook a thick cream and let it cool. Beat the margarine with the sugar and slowly add the poding, make a smooth cream.
  • Topping: drain the cherries and cook the vanilla pudding with sugar in the compote juice.
  • Whipped cream: beat the whipped cream with the addition of sugar and cream fix.
  • WE AGREE: biscuit soaked in milk, drained cherries, topping, strawberry cream, whipped cream.