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Baklava with semolina, walnuts and honey

, My dears! .. I'm going on vacation for a few days to my "oasis of peace" .. (I'll show you the pictures) ... until the soon online meeting with you I honor you with this baklava… you deserve it :))))))

Preparation steps

  • Whisk the butter with the sugar and eggs, add the cream, semolina with baking powder, walnuts.
  • Baklava stacking; first one leaf, then the stuffing, the second leaf and then the stuffing again
  • .lightly coat each sheet with a mixture of milk and oil before applying the filling.
  • .and fill each layer with walnuts (dry).
  • There should be three crusts on top..cut before baking.
  • Bake on low heat, meanwhile while the baklava is baking cook the syrup for 10 min. and stir constantly. Pour the baklava with lukewarm syrup. Cover with a clean cloth and leave it to cool well.
  • It can be deep frozen and nothing loses its quality.


,, who doesn't like walnuts can put almonds and even hazelnuts instead!


baklava walnuts

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