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Baklava with plasma

Mine don't like walnuts, hence this one with plasma, they fight for it ... juicy and the best for us :).

Preparation steps

  • First boil the dressing, put water and sugar to boil, then add the lemon sliced ​​into rings and cook the agda for about 5 minutes, it should not be thick. Cool. Beat eggs with sugar, add oil, beat a little more and knead the ground biscuits. The mixture will be very, very thick. Count the crusts and divide ... for each roll you need three crusts (I had 6 rolls). Sprinkle the first crust with oil, put the second crust on it, spray it with oil and put the third crust. On the third crust, put a mixture of plasma biscuits, longitudinally (it is difficult to spread, because it is thick, so I place my fingers along the edge of the crust). Roll tightly and arrange in a lightly oiled pan. Repeat the procedure with the rest of the crust. Cut the rolls to the desired size, before baking, lightly coat each roll in the pan with baking oil and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees, until nicely browned. Hot baklava, pour over cold topping. Cool well and enjoy :).


It is best when it is very well cooled, not too sweet, juicy and quick to make :).


baklava plasma

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