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Baklava with almonds and milk

Turkish baklava with almonds and milk is one of my favorite discoveries. Ideal for any festive occasion, and when all the bags are added, it costs as much as 1 kg of walnuts. The recipe is from the book, Turkish Mediterranean Cuisine.

Preparation steps

  • The almonds in the leaf are usually too expensive, in which case, you can use plain raw almonds. If they are unpeeled, pour boiling water over them, when they have cooled, rub them with a cloth and the crust will save itself. Then, grind them, but not too finely. Baklava is equally fine with leaves and ground almonds.
  • To stack the baklava, use a rectangular baking tray, or a refractory bowl of standard size (cc.a 30 cm). Before you start, count how many sheets of noodles you have, so that you know how to arrange which sheet the filling will go on. If there are 12 noodles in the package, fill each 3.
  • Coat the pan with melted butter in which you will stack the baklava and put the first noodles. Excess noodles, which pass over the pan, just fold inside. Then, put the next one on that noodle, and grease it, fold the excess inwards as well. Then put the third noodle, grease it, fold the excess inside, and then sprinkle it with 100 g of almonds.
  • The order is still the same, grease each noodle with butter and fill each 3. Once you have stacked the baklava, cut it into rectangles, about 3 fingers wide.
  • To prevent the first noodles from twisting, you can cover the baklava with aluminum foil and put it in the oven. Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees. Baklava is ready, when it is finely browned and when the complete "walk around the pan"
  • Agda: Put the milk and sugar in the sherpa and cook until the sugar is completely dissolved. Hot baklava, gradually pour over hot agave. Don't worry, if the baklava "floats", it will be absorbed, and just in case, you don't have to spend all the agda right away, but after it absorbs, water it a little again.


almond baklava

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