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Baklava-maklava-praklava - so choose

25 years ago, my son (then 6 years old) had the right to choose a birthday lunch for himself, at nagymama (my mom's) - he chose: tomato soup, dumplings with plums, dumplings with cheese, bags with jam and pancakes! HE GOT EVERYTHING. To yesterday's question: "what cake do you want for tomorrow's lunch", he said: "That juicy baklava, but also with walnuts, and with poppy seeds, and empty - but not to mix the parts". HE GOT THAT TOO.

Preparation steps

  • boil water and sugar, with a few slices of lemon, boil for about 10 minutes, cool
  • This is a large measure, for a stovetop (30 × 40cm at least), I often make in that small pot with 2/3 of all dimensions
  • mix the mixture of eggs, yoghurt, oil, vanilla sugar and baking powder well with a mixer
  • put the crust on the bottom of the pan, pour over with one ladle of the mixture, spread it a little with a spoon over the entire surface
  • the second crust, again the mixture, then sprinkle with either walnuts or poppy seeds, it is very fine and with split, drained cherries pos in this variant I sprinkled one third with walnuts, one third with poppy seeds, and one third I did not sprinkle with anything (not to would mix, I separated the thirds with improvised partitions - cardboard in foil). It is nice to add raisins with walnuts and poppy seeds, it is not here because not everyone likes it (I love it :)
  • repeat: crust, filling, crust, filling and "chosen something", until both the crust and the filling and "that something" are used up
  • cut the baklava into pieces of the desired size
  • bake at 225 degrees C for 30-40 minutes (depending on the oven
  • pour cooled syrup over the cake, place lemon slices on pieces of cake, if desired


In this variant, you have three cakes: baklava with walnuts, maklava with poppy seeds, and praklava empty, without anything, we concluded that it looks most like a party :)) What about a pan like this: girl, part travels tomorrow in Budapest with her daughter - then so many pans and not very big :))