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Baklava Hurmašica

here is a recipe for baklava persimmon that has always been on our holiday or birthday table, the recipe is from my late grandmother who prepared baklava in a really special way.

Preparation steps

  • for topping:
  • boil water with sugar, lemon and cloves, when it boils let it boil for 5-6 minutes, no more. cool well.
  • for dough:
  • dissolve the vegetable fat and allow it to harden
  • mix the fat, egg yolks, pzp, yogurt, oil, little by little add the flour, not all the flour, knead well with your hands until the mixture becomes compact and sticks. it should not be too soft or too hard, if the dough is too soft add a little more flour. tear off the pieces and make balls and rolls from them, press on the prickly side on the grater, spread them slightly, put a piece of walnut kernel in the middle, pull the ends and connect above the walnut. arrange the baklava side by side in the pan. do not grease the pan because the dough is already greasy. bake at 200 degrees for about 20-30 min. when baked hot baklava pour cold topping, allow to cool.


baklava persimmon urmasice

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Urmašice are very sweet Bosnian desserts topped with very sweet sugar syrup, related to Middle Eastern, primarily Turkish.