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Baked pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese

There are a lot of them here, but this is how I make them, always, so take a look! :-)

Preparation steps

  • Bake the pancakes according to your best recipe. I usually make a little thicker for this purpose. Preheat the oven to 180. Mix all the ingredients for the filling and generously fill the pancakes (about two tablespoons). I usually fit eight in a smaller grill (25 × 35) covered baking paper. Pour the topping over them and bake for about half an hour. Serve warm. For me, personally, one is enough to eat and shoot. I hope you will like it, if you want to try it!



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You guessed it - apples and pancakes! We all remember apples in a dressing gown sprinkled with powdered sugar, and this is a slightly different, richer, but equally delicious version.

A quick dessert

Guests at the door, nothing to offer and here’s my quick recipe for something sweet.

Coconut pancakes with bananas and ice cream

If you like a combination of coconut and banana, and you are also a fan of pancakes, this recipe is perfect for you. Served with chocolate topping and a scoop of ice cream, they will be equally appealing to both children and adults.

Gratinated pancakes

Gratinated pancakes

Gratinated pancakes are a very practical dish because you can put them on earlier and bake them for about twenty minutes before taking them out on the table.

Lino pancake cake

Delight children and adults with an unusual and deliciously irresistible pancake cake. Decorate according to your mood and wishes: fruit, whipped cream, chocolate, cereal balls ...

Mickey Mouse pancakes

Instead of the usual pancakes, prepare these unusual ones with an irresistible taste of strawberries and whipped cream in the shape of Mickey Mous, which will delight children. We are sure that no one will remain indifferent.

Pancakes stuffed with black soy

Unusual pancakes stuffed with black soy are not for the impatient, because they need to be carefully planned and prepared even more carefully with the obligatory 24-hour soaking of soy. Don’t let that sway you, because the result is reciprocal to the effort.