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Baileys irish cream praline

These pralines are dobreeeeee, for adults only

Preparation steps

  • Melt the chocolate, bailleys and sour cream at a very low temperature. Add the egg yolks one by one, stirring constantly with a whisk, the mixture will thicken. Remove from the heat and add a tablespoon of butter, still stirring with a wire.
  • Cool, then refrigerate overnight, or until firm.
  • Using two teaspoons, make small balls, which you will roll in powdered sugar, cocoa, chopped walnuts or hazelnuts or whatever you like.
  • Store them in a cool place until serving.
  • Pleasant


I used chocolate crumbs here. They are very tasty and are suitable for larger celebrations, because they can be made much earlier. I got 40 pieces, depending on what size you make them.


baileys bombs little balls njamicc party pralines

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