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Baba Melanie's rolls

This recipe is very old, I got it many years ago from a then very old cousin. The rolls are so good that what my children say is eaten like popcorn, you can't stop eating them.

Preparation steps

  • put yeast with a little sugar and flour in the beaten milk to start
  • during that time rub the flour and fat
  • add salt and sugar
  • when the yeast starts to put egg yolks in it and mix lightly
  • add all this to the flour and knead the dough to be nice and smooth
  • put in a bowl and cover with a napkin and leave to rise (since the dough is greasy it will not rise much)
  • shake on a table divided into eight noodles
  • spread each noodle with a rolling pin to the size of a slightly larger shallow plate
  • cut each developed noodle into 14 parts (maybe smaller but then the rolls will be bigger)
  • put the jam and wrap the kivlice
  • leave for another 10 minutes in the pan before baking
  • bake at 180 C so that they remain bright so as not to overcook
  • even while they are lukewarm roll them in powdered sugar


dizano muffins rolls

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