Rosa Cooking

Baba Anka's meatballs in tomato sauce

I am transmitting to you an original, unaltered (except grammatically) message from Viber, my grandmother. This is how she sent me recipes while I was living in Georgia. She is no more, but her recipes will always be with us, and she is there somewhere, in our hearts ... Forever ...

Preparation steps

  • Soak the bread in a bowl to soften it, then drain the excess water, add the egg, meat, garlic and a little and combine by hand so that it is not wet. When you have combined, make small balls, then roll them in flour and flatten to make about 13 pieces. Fry in oil on both sides. When I'm done, reduce the heat (to three) and add a good two tablespoons of flour, to gild a little, then gradually add the tomatoes. Then a whole bottle of tomato (0.75) water. Dilute and cook it. When you see that it is thick enough, return the steak and turn it off. Sugar and salt can be added as desired. WITH MUSHROOMS TO BE HOT :)