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I dedicate this recipe to my dear friend BADRUBULDURA, so that's what I called this cake. Why is he always here to help me and write a translation of my recipes. This is a little for what you do for me. Thank you my dear friend, for yourself. Hello :)

Preparation steps

  • Prepare the sponge cake by first separating the whites from the egg whites. The whites are firmly beaten with 3 lies. ax. With the remaining sugar, beat the egg whites and add them to the beaten egg whites. Then add cocoa and a little warm milk and butter. The density, the flour, the nuts, the baking powder are slowly added, but they are mixed with a spoon so that the whites do not fall off. It is baked in a mold with greasy paper no. 26 about 20 min. at 250 degrees. After baking, it is divided into 2 parts.
  • In a glass of a little water, gelatin is added to swell. In the meantime, prepare the pudigot and when it thickens the mouth until it is hot, add 200 g. milk chocolate and swollen gelatin. Melt the chocolate until the chocolate melts (with a mixer). It is left to cool.
  • The sweet sour cream is firmly beaten with the icing in the bag. Beat the butter with the cold pudding and add the whipped cream and nutella. The remaining chocolate is chopped into small pieces.
  • In the mold in which the sponge cake is baked (the ends are removed), a foil is placed (for the filling not to stick to the ends and it is better to take out the cake) and one sponge cake. Put half of the cream and put sec. chocolate. Then add the other half of the cream. The other part, ie the other pandispan, is also placed.
  • Put the sweet sour cream and chocolate on a low heat until the chocolate melts, then pour out the worst. It is left to cool (it is best to spend the night) in the refrigerator. After a few hours, remove the ends of the mold and decorate the cake with the remaining whipped cream.
  • Piece


cake choxa

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