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... often as a healthy alternative, mayonnaises offer the one made from avocado, so I finally tried to make it too! Avocado is full of healthy fats, folic acid, vitamins B and E and potassium, so its consumption is recommended for everyone. In a few minutes you will get one delicious green creation that can replace mayonnaise in rich sandwiches, burgers and the like without any problems! They are connected by a fatty structure, but the taste is different, and you can change it by adding different spices ... The following is the simplest and very tasty version for me.

Preparation steps

  • Peel a ripe avocado, add salt, olive oil, onion slices, cayenne pepper and lemon juice, and mix with a hand mixer or blender until you get a shiny, silky texture.
  • Note: * It is recommended, as with the preparation of egg mayonnaise, to lightly pour the oil into the mixture while mixing, although the result is not absent if you add it 2-3 times. * Avocado is an extremely healthy food consumption that is recommended to everyone. It has multiple beneficial effects on our body because it contains healthy fats, vitamins, folic acid, a lot of potassium, has a beneficial effect on inflammation, liver, according to some research and malignant cells, due to the fat it contains and contributes to faster absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. from other foods, ... * Avocado has a mild, but still specific taste (although it is often said that it has no taste) that can be easily modified with various additives, if it does not suit someone :).
  • * Use in sandwiches, burgers, with meat, salads, etc. It goes great with a classic potato salad!


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