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Australian Kebabs

THE SECRET OF AUSTRALIAN KEWS DISCOVERED. THE MOST IMPORTANT in the recipe for real Australian Kebab is the composition and ratio of the meat. That is also the biggest secret of this Kebab. For kebabs, you have to take exclusively BEEF: from the chest, neck and ribs. The meat chosen in this way should have about 30% fat. If you can't find this meat, don't even try to make the original Australian Kebab. Here in Australia, this type of meat is not a problem to find, it is found in almost every butcher's shop, I guess it is the same in the USA, Canada and the EU. In terms of price, breast and ribs are among the cheaper beef, the third category. The original recipe from this cevabdzinica was for 40 kg of meat or 1600 cevaps, but for home use here is a recipe for 4 kg of meat or 160 cevaps. MEAT: 1.5 kg beef breast (brisket), 1.5 kg beef neck (chuck steak), 1 kg beef ribs, 75 grams of iodized salt, 5 grams of baking soda, (5 grams = 1 teaspoon) 5 grams of garlic powder, 5 grams of black pep

Preparation steps

  • Cut the meat into smaller pieces and add the listed ingredients and stir by hand. Leave the meat to stand in the fridge overnight (24 hours). When the meat is standing, grind it twice and then mix the minced meat with your hands, until it becomes like a dough and starts to stick to your hands. Make and bake cevape and flatbread according to the above instructions.


Serve the chopped onion with the cevape. Serve yogurt or kefir if desired.


cevapi cevapiii dado

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