Rosa Cooking

Arbun in the oven — with tomatoes and zucchini

It can happen a lot of times while I'm thinking "what am I going to have for lunch today?" That my cell phone rings and on the other hand my friend Ed (a real "fisherwoman") asks me if I'm for fish - so of course there is nothing better than fresh fish. ribs) I often prepare in the oven with tomatoes and some other toppings ... they are the best for me like this

Preparation steps

  • preheat the oven to 180 C, prepare the vegetables: dice the tomatoes, zucchini into rings, spring onions into rings together with the green part, garlic into leaves, chop the parsley and separate the rosemary from the twig
  • in a little olive oil, briefly fry the fish on both sides to brown it a little and then put it in a fireproof bowl, salt and pepper it. At the same time, fry the zucchini rings a little on the grill pan and add salt.
  • in the oil on which you baked the fish, put garlic, stir and then add spring onions, after 2 min. add chopped tomatoes and sauté briefly, add salt, parsley, chopped or dried basil, olives and wine and sauté briefly to taste .
  • add the tomato to the fish and around the fish, as well as the zucchini rings and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes


With polenta or salted potatoes and maybe with a glass of Istrian Malvasia ... GOOD LUCK!



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