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Arancini, limuncini ... sweets from ancient times :))

My story with oranges and lemons started in early December. To date, I made them a few pounds because everyone loves them. They are great as a standalone sweet snack, as an addition to Christmas cakes especially kuglofi and Christmas bread. Packed in cellophane with a suitable bow, they are an ideal holiday gift .At all this they are very photogenic and attractive with their fiery colors :))

Preparation steps

  • First of all, let me mention that homemade unsprayed oranges, lemons and tangerines are used for this candy. They say that the others can be used if they are soaked in salt water for a few days, but I haven't tried them. My mom picked oranges from her garden in early December. certainly not sprayed, I had my lemons and a few tangerines, also unsprayed.
  • So, cut the peel of an orange, lemon or tangerine into thin sticks (I like as thin as possible, approximately 3-5 mm) and you can also cut some shapes with small cookie cutters. Then they should be soaked in cold water. So submerged they should be kept at least three days and change the water at least once every day. I would shake them out in a colander, rinse well and put them back in fresh cold water.
  • After three days, put the water and sugar to boil and let it boil until the sugar is completely dissolved and until the liquid boils to half. At this stage, the liquid already begins to turn into a syrup and only then add the cut crusts.
  • Now you should cook the peels in that juice until the liquid dries, in fact when the peels drink all the juice then it is over. Now transfer the crusts to a strainer to squeeze and cool a bit. During this time, prepare a baking tray from the oven with baking paper and pour one bag of vanilla sugar on it.
  • On the prepared baking tray, add the cooked crusts little by little by hand and spread everything on the baking tray. Now sprinkle two more bags of vanilla sugar on them and mix gently by hand so that the sugar reaches each crust.
  • Leave the crusts together with the baking tray in the air to dry overnight. When they are completely dry and very hard, hard :) we store them in jars and later use them as snacks or as an addition to desserts.


Arancine, limuncine or mandarin :) it is best to work in stormy weather, it will dry overnight, if the weather is wet you will need a little longer. This time, I was most impressed by the mandarins and clementines, they have a special smell and taste, and color :)


arancini limuncini

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