Rosa Cooking


Fragrant and sweet snack ........

Preparation steps

  • Oranges / peel / wash well, then peel into 4-5 slices. Cut the peeled peel / easiest with scissors / into strips 5 mm thick. Put the cut orange peel in a bowl with water. For the next 5 days, keep the peel in water, but water change twice a day.
  • On the sixth day, put the crust to boil for about 30 minutes to soften it. Discard the cooking water and put the crust in a strainer to drain well! Then weigh the peel, and weigh the sugar as much as they weigh. It is usually about 200 g of orange peel, about 200 g of peel. So 200 g. sugar.
  • For example, pour 1 dcl of water into this amount of sugar, put it in a bowl with a wider bottom (I put it in a pan or a wok) and cook. When the sugar has melted nicely and everything thickens a bit, put the drained orange peel in it.
  • Mix everything together and cook at a higher temperature. It's done very quickly. The sugar syrup boils, clings to the orange peel and that's it ... Remove from the heat.
  • You need to prepare a flat dish - a tray, for example - sprinkle it with sugar, then pour the crust / hot / on that sugar and spread everything. Sprinkle a little more sugar on top and leave to cool.
  • When they cool, they harden a bit and are very fine for snacking. Store in a glass jar. They can also be added to some cakes / kuglof etc./.


Due to this long standing in the water and frequent water changes, almost all the bitterness comes out of the orange peel. So then it is very fine to eat.


arancini canding orange

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