Rosa Cooking


Sinj? Benkovački? This is something halfway there. Please do not confuse them with sarma, they are two different dishes, although very similar. Everyone who has tried both knows that.

Preparation steps

  • Separate the leaves and prepare as for sarma. Cut the "heart" of the cabbage into thin slices and cover the bottom of the large pot with half of it. put bone, bay leaf and peppercorns on it.
  • Prepare the stuffing from the listed ingredients and fill the cabbage leaves with it (like sarma), wrap them tightly and put them in a pot. When the first row is done, put bacon and a little coarsely chopped garlic on it, then arrange the arambašići again, put a piece of dried meat and some more garlic on top.
  • If you like, stick a clove in a few arambasic.
  • In the end, I sprinkle a little red pepper, it's not according to the recipe, but I like it because of the color.
  • Pour water and cook for 3 to 4 hours on low heat.


Along with horseradish, mashed potatoes and baked bread.


arambasi arambasici cabbage rolls lunch meat

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