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"Arabic pancakes!"

Something completely different

Preparation steps

  • In a bowl, mix the semolina, flour, salt and baking powder. Now gradually add water (but do not pour everything out immediately), then add more sugar, yeast and the rest of the water. Whisk everything finely and leave the mixture to stand for 1 hour.
  • Bake the pancakes in a Teflon pan. In the original recipe, these pancakes are not turned over, but baked on one side only. But if you like them to be yellow on both sides, you can bake them that way (that's how I sometimes work).


Serve with melted butter and honey, olive oil (traditionally Arabic) or with jam.



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So that the pancakes would not always be with your favorite jam or nuts, we suggest that you surprise your family with a dome of pancakes and ham. And for decoration, use parsley leaves.

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Eternally irresistible pancakes go well with various fillings, and in this combination with tuna, spinach and cheese, they will "shine" with a new irresistible taste.

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Neapolitan pancakes

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Pancakes with chard and cheese

Pancakes for the main course, children would agree, is not a bad idea, and we responsibly claim that parents do not mind either. They contain chard and cottage cheese. They still need to be baked, served, eaten and licked.

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