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Arabic pancake

Arabic pancakes served for Ramadan or Ramadan ... I mixed up those terms a bit ... I know what Ramadan is ... and I've never heard of Ramadan - so, as I've heard and understood, it doesn't matter, it's important that the recipe is successful ...

Preparation steps

  • First, cook the fillet. Heat the milk and sour cream with the sugar, add the already dissolved pudding or starch flour (depending on what you have chosen) to which you have added these aromatic waters - and you don't have to. When it is almost removed - leave it to cool, but cover it with nylon foil so that it does not catch the crust.
  • While the filling is cooling, you dissolve the yeast and sugar in lukewarm water. In a bowl that you have prepared to mix the ingredients, put lukewarm milk, add the already dissolved yeast - and add the flour in which you mixed the pastry. Stir, you get a slightly thicker mixture than for our regular pancakes. Leave to stand for 20 minutes.
  • Take a Teflon pan, heat it and pour a small ladle from the mixture in the middle of the pan. Bake them on one side only, you will know when they are done ... the color of the dough will change ... take it out and bake the whole dough one by one. From this amount you should get 12 pancakes if you use a small ladle ... see the picture on the bottom of the pancake and what the top side looks like - when it looks like this - the pancake is ready.
  • When you have baked them all ... make a filling with a mixer..Take a pancake in your hands, fold it in half and squeeze it with your fingers .. you will see that it will stick, then fill the pancake with the cream you put in the bag or it suits you. That's how you got pancakes that remind me of the Kale flower ...
  • You can also make triangles from pancakes..the dough sticks so nicely .. I filled the trigons most simply - I chopped an apple, sprinkled it with sugar and cinnamon, placed it in the middle of the pancake and closed it in a triangle ... fine again ...
  • gather the pancake and form a triangle .. squeeze with your fingers, the edges will stick together,
  • 1 cup - 200 ml.
  • you can fill it with any cream ... Nutella, Lino Lada ...


Let me add here how I prepared it - it refers to the filling .. I didn't have sour cream or starch flour .. and I had one pudding, I cooked it as I usually cook - I put milk and I put 50 gr in it. margarine, when the broth was set aside, added the pudding and cooked. I let it cool down, I mixed it before filling ... and I added those aromas that are listed as a percentage just in case ... I have that miracle now, and I have to thank a dear selfless person for that.


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