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Aquarium cake, version two

I wasn’t happy with the first try so here’s the second time, I think it’s a lot better. Enough for one aquarium cake and one smaller hemispherical cake.

Preparation steps

  • The recipe for the first attempt is here
  • The day before, make chocolate decorations. Chocolate for modeling is made according to this recipe. You can use purchased or homemade (for this cake it was a mixture, I had something left from before so I said to consume) but homemade according to this recipe is more stable in jelly provided you use colors for chocolate. Make a fish out of the modeling chocolate like this. Draw the lines on the fish with black paint or melted dark chocolate (if you are not sure that the color is stable in jelly, use chocolate). Originally I wanted two fish but I didn’t measure well so the other one was too big. Keep the fish in the refrigerator on a crumpled transparent foil, and also make honeycombs, stones, corals, anemones, shells and the like, and leave everything in the refrigerator.
  • Biscuit Whisk solid egg whites. Beat egg yolks, sugar, whole egg, and lemon zest, mix flour sifted with cinnamon and cloves, and hazelnuts. then add a couple of tablespoons of egg whites, and then roll the egg yolk mass into a bowl of egg whites and mix carefully. Then spread over silpat mat or baking paper, and bake one larger and one smaller square crust.
  • Cream with hazelnuts Boil the sweet cream, pour over the chocolate and mix until it melts. Stir in the hazelnuts. Separate a little cream, add a little green paint and add more hazelnuts to make it firmer. Put both creams in the fridge. From the green part, when it cools down, form pebbles.
  • Bailey’s cream Put the milk to boil. Mix the sugar and thickener, then add one egg at a time, beating with a mixer (or whisk) and Bailey’s. When the milk boils, remove from the heat and slowly pour one third into the part with the eggs, thinking constantly. Then pour the egg mixture into the hot milk, stirring with a food processor, and return to the heat, stirring constantly until it boils and thickens, remove from the heat and stir in the butter, then leave to cool.
  • Stacking the cake Place a ring of mold well spread with butter on a plate. Cut the biscuit crust and place on the bottom, coat with apricot jam and Bailey’s cream and half coat with hazelnut cream. Then cut the crust to be about half of the mold but with an uneven edge, coat with apricot jam, bailey's cream, then repeat the process with slightly smaller biscuit crusts to get the shape of a ridge, then coat everything well with hazelnut cream and carefully align it especially at the edge of the mold to there is no possibility anywhere that "leaks" want. " Arrange the chocolate decorations for modeling and place in the fridge to cool well.
  • Cabbage greens Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water to soften. Heat them with a few tablespoons of water just enough to dissolve and pour in the cold juice of the callus. Put a little water in the cup and drop a drop of blue paint, then from the cup with the diluted paint add a little to the juice of the callus to be just pale blue. Set aside to cool. When you see that it looks a little thicker but is still liquid, pour a little over the cooled cake with arranged decorations, like this, being careful not to mix with the base, which must be well cooled and return to the refrigerator, and when it is firm, repeat the process once more. a little green. When the other part has tightened, put the fish and add the jelly to half of the fish and let it harden. Then soak the rest and leave in the fridge overnight. The next day, use a hot thin knife to separate the jelly from the edge of the mold and lift the hoop. Press the ground hazelnuts into the lower part.
  • The cake is ready


alek cake decorations freaky

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