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Aquarium cake, version three

Cake of interesting appearance, various flavors in called jelly, without baking.

Preparation steps

  • Spread butter on the cake mold (it is important that it is of good quality and not leaking). I used a square 9x13 inch mold. Arrange a biscuit soaked in milk with a little Bailey's on the bottom. For the cream, put milk to boil. Mix the sugar and thickener, then add the eggs one at a time, beating with a mixer (or whisk) and Bailey’s. When the milk boils, remove from the heat and slowly pour one third into the part with the eggs, stirring constantly. Then pour the egg mixture into the hot milk, stirring with a food processor, and return to the heat, stirring constantly until it boils and thickens, remove from the heat and stir in the butter, cool slightly, then pour the lukewarm cream into a curved mold so that more cream is on one side. where you will lay corals. In the still warm cream, press the grilias on the part where the gravel will be, and then the shells and starfish (colored with cocoa butter) that you made from modeling chocolate. Allow to cool, then make a coral mixture. The recipe for the mixture for purple carrot balls (maybe instead of blackberry or blueberry juice, it is important that it is purple) is here. A mixture of almond and green tea balls is here. Make a double amount of the mixture and separate a part before adding green tea, then add yellow or red cocoa butter. and stir in some more poppy seeds. Do not put the green part in the refrigerator, it is used to glue everything else. Shape the corals as desired, and arrange them on the green part that you pricked with a toothpick to achieve the appearance of an uneven surface. Then arrange the fish, the instructions are here, the only thing is that in this version the fish are painted like butter. Soak the gelatin leaves in a little juice to soften, then heat them to melt the gelatin and pour in the cold juice of the callus. Put a little water in the cup and drop a drop of blue paint, then from the cup with the diluted paint add a little to the juice of the callus to be just pale blue. Pour a little over the cooled cake with arranged decorations, being careful not to mix with the base, which must be well cooled, and return to the refrigerator, and when it has set, repeat the process once more with a little cabbage. Pour little by little as the mold is large to harden quickly until you fill more than half, then pour in the rest and leave in the fridge overnight. The next day, use a hot thin knife to separate the jelly from the edge of the mold and lift the hoop.


Version 1 and version 2.



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