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Anniversary pizza

so, the first pizza ever :) for the anniversary, I said to try to surprise and delight ..

Preparation steps

  • the dough is quite strong, elastic. my wish was to turn out thin, success! crispy enough and "meaty" enough. mixed all the ingredients and left it in the fridge overnight..the next day it took me more to develop it than to bake, just the way I wanted.
  • place the developed dough in a baking tray and cut off any excess.
  • spread tomato puree THIN on the dough, sprinkle a LITTLE oregano just over it. If you put a lot of tomatoes it will leak, if you put a lot of oregano it will take over. The point is in balance and moderation of taste. After the oregano, I arranged the mozzarella (a little “harder” as it was) and smoked salmon cut into strips on it.
  • after the salmon I put together more mozzarella (you can see the difference from the first one, there isn't too much) but something softer. this is where the decoration on the theme from the title comes in. paprika flowers, contrastingly complex.
  • in the middle of the flowers he arranged a "bud" of anchovies wrapped around a stick of paprika, in the middle a path of anchovies, pickled capers at random across the pizza. squeeze the anchovies a little before putting them on the pizza, the brine is always very salty and it creates "ponds" on the pizza (remember when you take the pizza and the hot liquid leaks from it?). I stacked them a little on the rim of the plate to drain further before stacking.
  • final touch to the story - meadow. of rocket :) if you want it lush while eating arrange it after baking, I didn't want to so I baked it with the rest.
  • baked :) 200-210 ° C about 15 minutes. the cropped result is in the main photograph. good apetite!


As it is complex, it is intended for 6 pieces of square slices. Somehow I found you are finer from the skin to the anchovies in the middle because that way the taste is getting richer and richer ..


anchovy capers mozzarella pepper pizza

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