Rosa Cooking

Andalusian salad

Light Spanish, summer salad, a real feeling!

Preparation steps

  • Chop the tomatoes, avocados and mushrooms and arrange them in a circle. Chop the olives into rings and arrange them underneath, put the tuna in the middle, and sprinkle it with lemon. Make a marinade and sprinkle it all over the salad, sprinkle with oregano.


avocado chic salads

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A refreshing salad with grapes and tuna

For adventurers and lovers of bold combinations of flavors from fusion cuisine, grape and tuna salad will come as a welcome incentive to create new creative menus. For more delicate palates, however, we recommend a more classic choice.

Avocado spread

Avocado spread

The charm of small meals is not only in the simplicity of preparation, but also in the imaginative way of serving. Serve the spicy spread in hollowed out avocado shells, with thinly sliced ​​bread slices and mini tomatoes.

Cucumbers in white fennel sauce

Cucumbers and yogurt - the ideal combination. Refresh it with the addition of fennel, garlic and two types of oil, soy and olive. Serve, well chilled, as a stand-alone meal or with grilled meat.

Green salad with beef

The combination of roast beef, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes will certainly satisfy the need for a nutritious, but also tasty and simple meal. Fragrant mustard, crispy walnuts and slightly spicy chives will give the already needed new taste experience.

May's skewers

Tofu successfully replaces meat, and on the grill it acts as if it was created for just that. Arrange it alternately with vegetables, and along the way look forward to the fact that you will take in only 85 kcal (provided you fit in only one serving!).

Meat salad with apricots

We have already attracted you to exotic flavors, so the excellent combination of chicken breast and apricots will not surprise you at all. Spices such as pepper and curry will ensure a complete atmosphere, and sweet cream will give a French flair to the meat salad with apricots.

Potato warm salad

Potato warm salad

One of the better faces of the salad is this salad with simple names and preparations, and full of splendor in ingredients and topping.

Warm cabbage salad

Warm cabbage salad

This unusual dish belongs to Irish cuisine. The combination of cabbage and bacon is quite ordinary, when cheese, wine and mustard would not be mixed here… Arrange it, for example, for Saint Patrick’s day if there is no opportunity before that.