Rosa Cooking

Anchovy pate

My dad’s recipe, it’s imaginative, so experiment with fish on our menu!

Preparation steps

  • Add all the ingredients to the blender to get a compact mixture - pate. Cut the baguette into noodles and knead. Apply the pate and decorate with lemon, capers and black olives.



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Add olive oil, wine, capers, olives and the inevitable rosemary to a simple chicken to give a striking Mediterranean flair. Serve the chicken with Mediterranean spices with the polenta.

Mediterranean spaghetti

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Panzanella soup

Panzanella soup

For a refreshingly cold and delicious soup, all you need is a walk through the garden or the market, so cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers will turn into your favorite start to a meal, and capers and olives will give the Mediterranean experience on a plate.

Ravigote sauce

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Seafood cartoccio

Serve Mediterranean packets and enjoy the unwrapping smell of the sea and the flavors of shrimp, squid and shrimp concentrated in separate meals.

Spicy butter on ramsteak

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