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Anchovies, sardines, prawns… na saur (savur)

The recipe comes from one of our restaurants from Hvar, published in the newspaper… Tried on vacation, and today again, an excellent refreshing appetizer… It is good for any fried fish, and it comes in handy when you fry too much…

Preparation steps

  • clean the fish and remove the heads
  • add salt, roll in flour (sharp) and fry in vegetable oil
  • arrange on paper to absorb excess fat
  • on another pan in olive oil brown the onion chopped into crescents
  • add a little salt, add pepper (maybe coarsely ground), bay leaf, rosemary
  • add soups (I didn't have them the first time and it was fine)
  • add vinegar, water and when it boils, pour over the fish that you have previously arranged in a small bowl
  • If you wish, you can put lemon rings on the fish before topping


Fine appetizer, and can also be used as a main course… Can be stored for several days in the refrigerator…


anchovy fish sardines saur

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