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Ana's cookies

my boss's favorite cookies, which she likes to cut out with molds, and then pop p

Preparation steps

  • in a bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar with a food processor, add the ingredients in order and knead a firm dough with flour that does not stick.
  • roll out to 0.5 cm, take out various shapes, arrange on baking paper, coat with egg yolk - we like to sprinkle crystal sugar on top and put in the oven at 170 ° C until they get a soft yellow color.
  • cookies can be baked thinner and thicker - so the baking time depends, and they may or may not be coated with egg yolk, baked can be combined with jam, or topped with chocolate ..
  • there can be such forms of animals and everything and more
  • variant for Easter


this is my basic (read mom's) recipe for dry cookies, you can knead cocoa, or walnuts, etc. in the dough and combine a lot of different shapes - I once baked over 20 different shapes from one of these mixtures !! imagination at will and let the kids enjoy;)) p.s. i don't have a picture of baked because i didn't get to paint


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