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Almond cake, forest fruit curd and vanilla cream

Recently a friend and I walked into Amelie’s patisserie and an Amelie cake caught my eye. It would be distasteful for me to call this cake Amelie here (out of respect for the authors of the original version, whom I congratulate on a really top cake that won me over), but this combination of almond flavors, fine silky vanilla / butter cream, then a taste of wild berries that discreetly flirting made me think about how to make it at home and from the patisserie the first destination was to buy groceries and make a copy ... After proudly cutting the first piece it was - "THAT'S IT!". :)

Preparation steps

  • Whisk 3 egg whites and half of the sugar with a mixer and when it foams, add the egg yolk, then the almonds and flour. The mixture will loosen and dilute a bit when almonds and flour are added, but nothing for that because the gray balance: Mix the remaining egg whites with the remaining sugar in JAAAAAAKO SOLID snow and add a little salt to the top of the knife. When the snow is made, mix the two by hand. - with a spatula. Place the cake mold (without bottom) on baking paper and pour 1/4 of the mixture on paper, level the surface and remove the mold. Bake at 200 ° C for about 8-12 minutes each until it gets a nice golden color. Peel off the paper while the crusts are hot.
  • CURD is best done the first or the day before: Bring the forest fruit to room temperature and mash it to release the juices ... Stir in the sugar, butter cubes, and scrambled egg + extra yolk, put on a steam bath and stir constantly for about half an hour. strain twice to keep the seeds in a sieve ... Cool to room temperature and then in the refrigerator.
  • CREAM: Put milk and sugar on the fire in a bowl with a thick bottom. Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise and remove the core and put it in the milk. When the milk is warm (not hot but warm) in one small bowl take about 1.5 dl of milk and melt the density, and in the other 1 dl of slightly warm milk mix with the yolks and mix everything by hand into the liquid mixture so that it does not foam and the yolks are diluted and "release". Mix these two mixtures (density and yolks) and pour them into the milk just before boiling. Reduce the heat and stir until thickened. I put the hot mixture in a stand-alone mixer that mixes and cools the mixture for 5-10 minutes. is warm, add butter and mix to combine everything into a silky cream ....
  • Stacking: On the first crust, put the cream in a ring around the edge and put a few spoons of CURDA inside. spoon the piles of cream over the curd (because you can't spread it dry over a slippery curd) and flatten them lightly. Then put the crust and so again ... On the fourth crust just lightly coat the CREAM and CURD (millimeter thick). Smooth the edge of the cake well with cream (there is only enough left to do it). Leave it in the fridge overnight. There are about 1 left -2 tablespoons of curd that should also be stored in the refrigerator. The next day, make whipped cream from sweet cream and put it on top of the cake, not coating the edges with whipped cream. Leave one to two tablespoons of whipped cream, mix with remaining curd and put on top of cake and smooth to enter a little vivid color on top of the cake. Decorate the edges with leaves or coarsely ground blanched almonds ... Great cake !!!
  • There were no almond leaves cut, but it was great ...



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