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Alexandra cake

At the request of my daughter, Alexandra, after a long time I publish this recipe. This is her invention, mix more cake, prepared in honor of brother and daughter-in-law and their return from England on vacation. For those who love chocolate, one cocoooooladna cake.

Preparation steps

  • For White Pandispan, beat eggs, egg whites with sugar. Add flour mixed with pastry and beat a little more. Pour into a baking tray lined with baking paper. Before baking, put chopped dark chocolate on top. (Scatter on the surface) When you bake this pandispan, cut it in half
  • For the black pandispan, also beat the eggs, egg whites with sugar, add the flour with the pastry and the steamed dark chocolate. Stir a little more until it combines nicely. It is also baked in a paper-lined baking tray. Before baking, we spread chopped white chocolate on top.
  • For the white filling: cook the vanilla pudding with milk and sugar. When cooked, remove from the heat and add the white chocolate and coconut
  • For the black filling: cook two puddings with milk and sugar, but before cooking, when you stir the pudding, add the 2 egg yolks to the milk. . This fil is divided into two parts.
  • When the pancakes are baked, divided in half and the fillings are finished, then you arrange them as follows: - white crust - black filling - black crust - white filling - black crust - black filling - white crust
  • You decorate it as you wish, with icing, fondant mixture, etc. In this case, it is decorated with fondant mixture, with the back crust being coated with butter on top so that the fondant sticks well to the crust.
  • Good apetite



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