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May my mother be alive and well, make a mountain of winter food for me and my sisters every year and send it to all of us ... I proudly upload this recipe of hers! This ajvar is the most delicious for us ... that's how my mother made it while we were living in Skopje - Macedonia! As for me, I will always make it according to her recipe because I like it the most!

Preparation steps

  • Bake the peppers, peel and grind them on a machine, just as you bake the eggplant peel and grind them.
  • Put ground peppers and eggplant in a large sieve and cook for about 30 minutes, then add oil and cook for another 30 minutes, then add the other ingredients and cook for another 30 or so until the bottom of the sieve is visible when mixed with a food processor, then the ajvar is ready.
  • Prepare jars washed cysts and heated in the oven at 30 ° Pour ajvar into jars close with a lid and leave to cool gradually covered with a thicker cover.


Of course, this is a larger amount of peppers .... but it can also reduce the amount of peppers and so do the other ingredients ...



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