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# ajkara

"Bosanska livada"

In my part of Bosnia, this old dish is called "livača", there are also the names uzljevak, ljevača, razljevak ... When I was very young I didn't know how to pronounce "livača" but I said "livada" so everyone still eats this dish. we call the meadow. These days, my Bosnia is burning, the little paradise is tired of eating livach, and believe me, there are those who don't have that either. I hereby support the protesters but condemn the destruction. Rayo, mind you!

"Bread" with leeks

This recipe was given to our neighbor Nada Zdilar by her acquaintance Mrs. Eva and the recipe came to my home together with a baked cake, which was baked by Mrs. Nada according to him. If I tell you that this cake "knocked me off my feet", until recently a hater of leeks, then it is quite clear why I played with this recipe in my kitchen today. I changed the basic recipe only slightly, adapting it to my way of working. I kept the original name of the recipe, even though it is actually a kind of stuffing, so I share it with all of you. And there are still leeks - try… ..


Fast and fine

My grandmother's hook

My grandmother is still alive (born 1927), I grew up with this dish. Many people know it as a snail, somewhere it is made with potatoes, somewhere without. My grandmother taught me this. Try it yourself. Ideal for a quick lunch (often a lot of it in a hurry, but what can be done), with cream, yogurt and all kinds of salads. In winter, sauerkraut can also be used.


When Blaženka mentioned Razljevuša to me at work on Friday, at the worst possible time, around three in the afternoon, I told her that I had already made it, but with chopped potatoes. She looked at me palely and said that it was made only with grated and that she still, like mantles, smeared it with sour milk and garlic! I knew right away that I was going to end there, no more, she finished me off with that garlic! I go home and just think about spilling. While we drank our coffee, it was roasted and eaten in sweetness. Yesterday morning I measured and repeated everything :)