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Agnesa cake, cake queen

This cake is rightly called the Queen of Cakes. It is the perfection of taste. I was surprised when I saw that there are a lot of names, everyone adds their own ... The original recipe is with walnuts, I always make it that way, but now I wanted to try almonds. The recipe with walnuts is very old, it is in my mom's notebook, and I started making it in the 80s of the last century and I haven't tried a nicer cake yet. I appeared on Fb relatively late, so I published the recipe in 2011 or 2012 and even now I'm putting up new pictures ... It's just as wonderful with almonds, although I'm used to walnuts.

Preparation steps

  • The first part Whisk the butter with the sugar.
  • Add flour, mixed with walnuts / almonds and lemon zest.
  • Whisk the egg whites and add them, then mix everything gently. Place in a greased rectangular pan and arrange the mixture, bake at 180 degrees until the edges separate.
  • The second part Whisk the egg yolks with powdered sugar, add vanilla and lemon zest. Put over the first part when it cools down a bit and let it dry in the oven that is turned off or at a very low temperature. A crust should be made and dried.
  • Part Three While the yolks are drying, prepare the filling. Boil the milk and sugar, remove from the heat, add the chocolate, walnuts or almonds, vanilla, orange juice and zest, butter. Spread the filling over the dried and cooled egg yolks. Top with walnuts / almonds. Leave it like that for at least one night, and then cut the bars.


It is served like any small cake, but it cannot be compared to any of them.


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