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Aunt Milicza's bags

... because there is only one Aunt Milicza and only one vinegar rolls. I’m thrilled with them, and purely to get away from the classics I toyed with the dough recipe and stuffed it with my favorite fillings. Aaal ’it smelledooooo and melted in my mouth o .. and they told me to keep the recipe to myself, like the big secrets of us little chefs ;-) Aunt, this is to your taste and for you!

Autumn leaves :)

Yellow homemade apples, golden corn flour… the goodies my parents provided me with simply had to end up in some fragrant and juicy dessert. Although it may not look spectacular, the fullness of smell and taste give this cake the right to bear the autumn name…;)

Baklava with poppy seeds

... for my friends…

Cake with carob, coconut and peaches

This should be called a random cake because it turned out to lack the main ingredient of the poppy. Basically, as it usually happens, the cake is better than the "original". Fantastic combination of carob and coconut, and ripe peach, give it such juiciness and taste that I will definitely repeat it :)

Cassata poppy seed cake

Very nice and soft cake, which melts in the mouth, with a black part of poppy seeds and a light one with dried fruit. Rich in taste and visually interesting.

Cheese, poppy and apricot pie

Fine, soft pie with too good combinations of cheese, poppy seeds and apricots. The recipe is from Lisa magazine (small July 2014) with my changes. I have already made it three times in a row and I can say that it tastes fantastic.

Cherry Poppins

Lightly soak the cheese, poppy seeds and cherries with the aroma of vanilla and combine in one unbaked cake.

Cream poppies

Soft poppy and egg white peels, cut with sour white cream, sweetened and scented with yellow, frothy egg yolk cream with vanilla scent.

Crispy poppy seed cake

The recipe was transcribed (I don't remember where from anymore), in my notebook back in the 90's. The rules then a couple of times and under the rush of other new, beautiful recipes, somehow it fell into oblivion. Today I was flipping through a now-ripped notebook and came across this fine recipe again. I decided to record it here as well, for those who love poppies.

Kuglof with Lemon and Poppy

The recipe was a complete hit! I keep it safe, and I share it with you because it is really worth paying attention to. Extremely juicy (although I think I overcooked it a bit), sweet and sour (just like I like) and goes perfectly with a cup of hot tea (and of course a good book)! Have a nice weekend everyone :)

Lazy poppy pie

Very tasty, "variation on a theme", lazy pie. We usually make it with walnuts, but this time I opted for poppy seeds.

Lemon cubes with poppy seeds

Formed out of love ❤ ..... towards the poppy

Lemon-poppy Muffins

I love these muffins because they are very juicy and have an interesting combination of lemon and poppy seeds. I translated a "secret" recipe from a muffin factory where I was for a short time on a completely different project. Of course I also processed the quantities for a normal size tray for home use for 12 muffins

Macedonian plain with poppy seeds

simple and juicy!

Mac-Vanilla Cubes

Of all the cakes I've made with poppy seeds so far, this is my best and definitely my favorite cake that I liked right after the first bite, juicy, tasty and irresistible;) For all of you Makoljubci;)

Mak Buchteln

I love everything with poppy seeds, so I often combine it in everything. But these Buchteln are my favorite, everyone liked them a lot.