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Adzuki thoren

Again a South Indian dish. Thoren's cooking method is the complete opposite of curry - meaning dry stewing. Although not often found written in Indian cookbooks, thoren (with adzuki, or cabbage, or beans, or banana leaves, etc.) is part of the daily table in southern India. Contrary to the terms of use and copyright - I stole the picture and the recipe… from my husband.

Preparation steps

  • Soak adzuki beans overnight.
  • The next day cover it with water (2 cm above the surface), add a little salt, turmeric and put to boil.
  • In the meantime, put the coconut to soak - cover with water and leave for about 10 minutes. Then drain it and mix with the crushed garlic and chilli.
  • When the adzuki beans are cooked and completely dry (squeeze out the remaining water if necessary), stir in the coconut and cover - leave a little to blend.
  • Fry mustard seeds in oil in a Teflon pan. When they start to crackle, add the adzuki beans with the coconut and simmer until the water is completely gone and the mixtures are well mixed. Add salt to taste.


Adzuki beans prepared in this way are served with rice and any curry.


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