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Acacia flower (acacia flower donuts)

It is the season when passions awaken in us, with spring. Love burns, the smile is wider, our eyes are brighter. At the same time, the smells of awakened nature stun us and our imagination is ignited, so we need a change of food because everyone has had enough of heavy winter meals. Nettles, field cabbage, sremus, dandelion ... Here is something that will delight imaginative gourmets, eager for something new, tasty, but also very delicate. With this dish, you will make your children, yourself, your refined guests very happy to talk about specialties, exotic places, wonderful dishes (and they know that you have never been there and you may not even be able to go). Well here, give them back. Let them see that only refined food, even a little decadent, is brought to your table. This is one real HIPPY dish.

Preparation steps

  • It takes thirty to forty blooming acacia flowers. Do not use the flower in the bud stage because it still does not smell strong enough. Pick the flower in a clean place and do not wash it at all, because you will destroy its beautiful scent. Fist the flowers from the flower stalks into one bowl with your fist. (For ten acacia flowers, you need one egg - purely for your orientation) Then prepare the poh as follows:
  • Beat eggs, a cup of carbonated mineral water, flour and a bag of baking powder in a bowl. You need to get a mixture like the one for pancakes, but a little thicker. If necessary, add mineral water to achieve the ideal density.
  • Mix this mixture with acacia flowers.
  • Heat the oil in a pan in which you will fry the donuts. The mass may look dry and disintegrate, but it is not. Each time you take it out with a spoon, you press the mass with the fingers of the other hand so that it does not fall off. As soon as you put it on hot oil, it will harden and there will be no more decay. Fry briefly, until golden brown, on both sides.
  • Spoon the mixture over the hot oil. Fry the donuts on both sides until they turn brown. Take the fried donuts out of the pan and arrange them in a plate set with a kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil. Add a little salt. Your meal is ready.


Serve it with a mild-tasting salad with as little or no spice as possible, because your dish has a very mild, refined taste and each additional spice will cover the flavors and aroma of the dish. It is very nice to season a fresh salad and decorate it with a handful of fresh acacia flowers, for example.


acacia color flowers fresh treasure

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