Rosa Cooking

Acacia donuts

I was in Golubac at the time of acacia flowering. There was so much of it, it smelled so intoxicating, that I couldn't resist putting it in donuts. The acacia is, of course, edible, I nibbled on it on every walk1

Preparation steps

  • Put the yeast in lukewarm milk to rise with a little sugar.
  • Beat eggs, flour, yeast, sugar in the rest of the milk. Knead the dough with a food processor. Do not get your hands dirty. Leave to rise for half an hour.
  • Add the torn acacia flowers to the grown ten, as much as you want. Stir gently. Fry in hot oil, removing the dough with 2 damp spoons.
  • Roll in powdered or crystal sugar Pour with a little acacia honey!


They are so magically fragrant.