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Abyssinian bombs

Tiny cookies

Abyssinian bombs

Preparation steps

  • Grind figs, peeled orange and sugar in a chopper. Add ground walnuts. Combine the mixture nicely and leave for about 10 minutes in the freezer. Then shape into balls and serve in paper baskets.


bombs fasting little balls

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Anzac cookies

Anzac cookies

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) cookies were designed by women soldiers in World War I, out of the need to provide them with caloric and nutritious food that will not spoil. Biscuits are still sold in Australian stores today.

Carrot balls

For fans of balls good news - we have carrot balls. The balls are sweet and will completely replace dessert. Needless to say, the replacement is lower in calories, fat free and healthy. The recipe was tried and adapted according to the original recipe from the recipe collection "Cakes from the Advent basket" by members of the Croatian-Austrian Cultural Community from Varaždin.

Carrot halva

Carrot halva

Prepare a dessert that originates from the Middle East in the form of balls. There are different types of halves - from sesame seeds, cereals, with the addition of raisins or other dried fruits, and we present a variant with - carrots.

Green beans spiced with tofu

Everything is not simple, the green bean salad is spiced with tofu. Its topping is more sophisticated than salad, and the impression is rounded off by roasted pine nuts. Whether you want to enjoy the salad on your own or add it to something, the choice is yours.

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For vegetarians, or those who simply love vegetables and new flavors with the addition of beer, penne is the right choice.

Macaroni the Sicilian way

This simple dish with sauce is typical of the largest Mediterranean island - Sicily, and is unsurpassed for its full flavor of juicy tomatoes, eggplant, olive oil and fragrant spices.

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This dish will be more interesting if you use peppers of different colors - red, yellow, green…

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Paprika stuffed with quinoa filling

If you want to try stuffed peppers without meat, use quinoa, a "supergrain" that is very rich in protein. Another novelty is the roasting of stuffed peppers in the oven with the addition of mozzarella and basil. A real visual and taste experience.