Rosa Cooking

Absolutely homemade kadaif with peanuts

in the absence of a purchase test, I decided to try it with my knowledge and hands and I am very satisfied

Preparation steps

  • in a bowl, beat the eggs and beat a little with a little water, then add 2/3 flour and the rest of the water. knead the dough with your hands to be smooth, obligatory, then knead with the rest of the flour on a board into a very hard dough. problems be bigger or smaller just don't add more eggs as the dough will be very hard when baked.
  • when the dough is ready, roll it out on a noodle machine just like noodles for soup thinly and also thinly cut it into noodles 15-20 cm long.
  • from this amount I made 36 rolls in each one full tablespoon of ground peanuts pre-roasted. Pour the same pan and dough when you put it and bake about 200 degrees until it turns brown.


if you think that there is not enough syrup, feel free to add a small amount


kadaif orient serbetlije

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