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About women….

Is that really so? Of all these “sages” and sages, I think Burt Reynolds is the closest to the truth after all! :on)

Preparation steps

  • ADVERTISING: Every woman is helpless until her nail polish dries - Burt Reynolds
  • Only beautiful women should be married. Otherwise there is no chance of getting rid of them - Rod Stewart
  • My wife doesn't care that I work without her as long as I don't have fun - Jerry Seinfeld
  • I wouldn't say that all women are the same, there are worse ones - Stipe from Muć (near Split)
  • He who does not go mad in marriage is not really normal - Prince Charles
  • Those who always speak well of women do not know them well enough. Those who only speak ill of them do not know them at all - Mr. Pigault Lebrun
  • Better a poor horse than no horse at all
  • My first wife died because she ate poisonous mushrooms. Another woman died because she also ate poisonous mushrooms. I drowned the third one because she didn't want to eat mushrooms - Henry VIII (or VII)
  • Your wife says, "Go to hell!" You leave, and she meets you there too - Dante Alighieri
  • Beautiful women are created for men who have no imagination, and smart for those who have no luck! - Casanova
  • Open your eyes well when you get married, then close them - Shakespeare
  • It’s not interesting what women tell you, it’s interesting what they keep quiet about - Shakespeare
  • A man is happy with any woman until he falls in love with her - Petrarca
  • A man cannot cheat on a woman as much as a woman can pretend to be faithful to him - Zdravko Mamić
  • I didn't notice my wife drowning. She shouted as usual - Veljko Rogosic
  • Women have a PROBLEM for every solution! - Stephen W. Hawking
  • Tell me the cause: I know a woman is hiding behind him - Beaumont
  • How do I understand this: "To kill oneself for a woman?" And where are all the others? - Tin Ujevic
  • I solved all my problems with women! Sir Elton John


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