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According to Eastern understandings - our true self is our being, not the ego that manifests itself to us as a false identity. Because of him, too often we take many things too personally, constantly insulting someone's interpretation and projecting ourselves onto everything that surrounds them. The nature of our true being is our soul - it is the most beautiful place in ourselves that is supported by the energy of the cosmos through its authenticity. This cake is authentic in its organic ingredients. It can be said to be almost vegan, except for a little butter, milk and one egg. There is no sugar at all. The authenticity lies in the contrast of bitter cocoa, cherries and intense aromatic orange peel. The base is made of ground barley flakes.

Preparation steps

  • grind the barley flakes in a blender. add wheat bran, flour, cocoa and baking powder - so dry ingredients first. then pour in some milk and add one egg (which I didn’t write in the list). when you mix a more compact mixture (due to lack of gluten) but more rustic than the classic patispanje, add a handful of two cherries. bake for about 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. sweating is denser, heavier and wetter than standard - don't worry.
  • pour the juice of one squeezed orange over the baked peel
  • you can make cow’s or soy, almond milk pudding - whatever. i wanted to reduce the amount of calories. cook two puddings in a smaller amount of water than recommended and when it is ready add 100 g of candied cocoa and mix.
  • for the topping, grate one peel of one orange. I peeled the potatoes and cut them into thin strips. pour in a little milk, add a cube of butter, diced chocolate and orange peel. dissolve in the microwave.
  • add a little cooked pudding to this even mixture. pour the pudding over the crust, over the pudding topping with chocolate and orange. sprinkle the chocolate with coarsely chopped walnuts.


it's great warm. best with bitter coffee


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