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ABC Cheese cake with cherries

Yummmmmmi ...

ABC Cheese cake with cherries

Preparation steps

  • Mix all the dry ingredients for patispan and add yogurt juice and milk. Line a baking sheet with baking paper, pour out the mixture and bake for 25-30 minutes. at 170 * C (with ventilation). Baked patispan should be 1-1.5cm. So use a slightly larger pan. Allow to cool. Whip the cream very firmly (be careful not to overdo it), in another bowl with a spoon mix the cheese and sugar and add the sour cream and mix a little with a mixer just until the mass is combined (it should be quite firm). Spread the mixture on the cooled patispan. Prepare gelatin according to the instructions, add to the cherries, mix and put on the mixture of sour cream and cheese.


Doooooooobro cool down, and manage not to take a spoon and eat everything;)



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