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A couple of hot and cold sauces (sauces), which we often use

There are many recipes for sauces, but in the end everyone still chooses only a couple of them, which they make regularly. I will list a couple of proven recipes that are a favorite in our family.

A couple of hot and cold sauces (sauces), which we often use

Preparation steps

  • SIMPLE TOMATO SAUCE: Make a light powder of 3 tablespoons of oil and 1 tablespoon of smooth flour, then add 3 dcl of mashed tomatoes, half a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar, Boil to thicken. If desired, flavor the sauce by adding spices, still in the cooking phase. Of the spices, with this sauce they suit; bay leaf, basil, oregano, heather or marjoram ... This sauce is very widely used, it is difficult to enumerate ...
  • WARM HORSERADISH SAUCE: Crush a piece of white bread in 2.5 dcl of milk, wait a while for it to absorb the milk, then put it on the stove and cook, stirring constantly, on a low heat until the bread completely disintegrates. Remove from the stove, add a small cube of butter and a teaspoon of sugar. Finally add 5 dkg of grated fresh horseradish and mix everything well (if there is no fresh horseradish, the one from the jar is also good, just make sure that it is not already mixed with mayonnaise). This sauce is irreplaceable with boiled meat.
  • DILL SAUCE: Fry sharp flour in butter, being careful not to change color. Get out of the fire. Add a bunch of finely chopped dill, pour in 3 dcl of cold milk - gradually, first a little, then stir, then add the rest, stir and return to the stove to boil. Reduce heat, add salt, add a little lemon juice and cook gently for a few more minutes. This sauce is great with potatoes baked on a frying pan ...
  • Zbišek'S TOPPING FOR "CAESAR SALAD": Put 6 tablespoons of ready-made mayonnaise and a tablespoon of mustard in a mixer bowl, about twenty buds of pickled capers, a teaspoon of sardine paste, a bag of parmesan, ground pepper, two or three cloves of chopped garlic (and not two should dominate) tablespoons olive oil. Mix everything well with a whisk mixer. This is a fantastic topping for a green, crunchy salad and that, usually boring, roasted chicken breast. Or something breaded, it doesn't have to be meat, I dream of breaded shrimp tails with this sauce ...
  • CHERRY SAUCE: Sour cherries from the compote can be used, pitted (they are already sweetened, so no sugar should be added). If we have fresh cherries, we take out the stones, sugar them and mix them into a smooth, thin porridge. Put this fruit puree on butter, add a little water and cook for ten minutes. Separately in a cup, stir a teaspoon of starch flour into 1.5 dcl of water and pour into the cherry puree, then boil a little more, so that the sauce thickens. Determine the amount of cherries according to taste. Usually a handful of cherries is enough for 3 dcl of sauce. Serve with roasts of red meat or with venison.
  • APPLE CHATNY: Fry a teaspoon of cumin seeds in butter, and when it stops cracking, add one larger, peeled and diced apple. Sweeten with two full tablespoons of sugar and add a teaspoon of ground hot pepper on top. With constant stirring, cook over low heat - it’s done when all the apple cubes change color, and a trace of the cook is known when we cross over the bottom of the pan. In the same way, chutney is made from dried raisins - the only difference is that we have to add a spoonful of raisins - two waters, because they do not have their own juice. The sauce is not suitable for children, because it is very sharp, Serve it with vegetable and rice dishes, or light white meat.



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